Getting started with Microsoft Graph on Windows Form

This tutorial shows you how to create a Windows Form application that use Microsoft Graph. This tutorial is part of digital documentation of Office 365 Global Bootcamp 2018 in Indonesia. You can download the codes here. you can view the quick tutorial here

Understanding Continuous Integration on Visual Studio Online

Some introduction Visual Studio give you cool features namely continuous integration. It is not new feature, however on new roll up of visual studio system they really exposed in the new homepage of your project. Here are some scenario that you want to expect from continuous integration Automatically build your solution when any developer do the checkout and monitor it the result on integrated screen Automatically deploy your codes into the Azure when your codes is built Executing unit test when the codes is build by any of your developers Any many more please visit Getting started Here is the quick video for it. Enjoy

Five Reason to Choose ASP.NET Web Forms

On this short video, we will discuss about a technology overview when choosing ASP.NET web forms. At least there are five reasons why you should choose ASP.NET web forms such as the rapid development environment, drag-and-drop support, and many more. Please view the video!   And how about a consideration why you don't need to use web forms, just visit the comment and let's discuss //

Video: 3 Tips to Get Faster Update for Your Visual Studio

Today we will discuss about how to get faster update on your Visual Studio 2015. These tips save me about two hours

Beginner Tutorial for ASP.NET MVC

As a part, of our commitment to create a local video tutorial on Visual Studio Technology. We created a beginner tutorial for ASP.NET MVC with Visual Studio 2015. There are 8 videos on the plan. You can visit YouTube to join the Visual Studio Indonesia YouTube Page. Or enjoying the video below

Creating Workflow Application with Visual Studio 2013

worToday, we will create a simple workflow application. Workflow Application (simple states as WF app) is an application that use business process model as a foundation to create an application. If common application use the code logic, the workflow application use business process model or flowchart as a basic idea of execution. Although is like a verbose for some app, the idea to integrate between business process and application is a good idea to give out of the box alignment between IT solution with business process. Therefore, many Workflow app is dedicated to solve the enterprise issues like on line of business application, ERP, or SharePoint Collaboration portal. Let’s get started to create the codes. Preparation In order to follow the tutorial, you need Visual Studio 2013 Professional or Higher (We use Ultimate with update 4) Windows 7 or Higher (We use 8.1) Development Steps Create a new project in Visual Studio 2013, with Workflow template We give the project name SimpleWorkflowApp, you will have blank screen called Workflow1.xaml. We will create a simple workflow to validate a PKP need to become PKP or not We rename Workflow1.xaml as SimpleWorkflow.xaml Open the Toolbox and you will see a lot of control over there. We won’t discuss each control. Please refer to References for detail about this. On primitive tabs add Assign control, InvokeMethod, and WriteLine. You will drag and drop like the screen Please note that sequence is created automatically. You see a blue icon on the screen, it means that the WF has an error on it. Let’s fix our Workflow First, we need a variable to store any information that related with workflow. Select Sequence workflow (you will see a blue highlight when you select it). After that click variables, It’s located on the left bottom of the screen. And create a variable called turnoverCapital with type decimal. Assign and changes to statement into turnoverCapital and add codes Convert.ToDecimal(Console.ReadLine()) on enter C# expression On if statement give the condition when the tac payer need to be PKP. On this code,we will add  turnovercapital > 4800000000. After the confition we add two Writeline primitive method on each condition just like on a picture We build the code, and you will see several input ask you some numbers and if more than 4.8 Billion, the codes will said you need to be PKP (Pengusaha Kena Pajak) Download the codes You can download the codes here Workflow References

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