Preparing Power BI Data Source

On a TechTalk session about Power BI, one participant asked me how to make sure that their data can be consumed on a Power BI. On this article, I will discuss five things that should be considered when preparing the data for Power BI. Let's discuss that five things. #1 Understanding your data source Please note, that not any data source can be consumed into Power BI (at least when this article i... [More]

Field Report: Game and Research

Last week, I attended a International Conference namely ICITEE 2016 (International Conference for Information Technology and Electrical engineering). Just like other international conference, this reputable conference is indexed by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and SCOPUS (SCOPUS is the most famous academic indexed). As researcher and trainer, I submitted two papers. The... [More]

Building Macro on OneNote

Some people wondering how to develop a macro on OneNote. This blog post will discuss how to create Macro on OneNote. The Macro engine is not yet available from Microsoft (On October 2016) Yes, sadly but true. In order to develop a macro from OneNote you should download the third party one namely OneTastic. You can grab it here Understanding the Basic of OneTastic Mac... [More]

How to Migrate Your Azure from One Subscription to the Others

Problem You already have two or more subscriptions and you want to consolidate it into a same billing address or a same package subscription. For example, you have two subscriptions. The first one is Pay as You Go and the second one is MSDN Enterprise. You want to migrate content from Pay as You Go to MSDN Enterprise Package. Solution Step 1. Please make sure it has same email address (account... [More]

Installing Entity Framework Power Tools on Visual Studio 2015

Problem Entity Framework Power Tools provides useful feature of Entity Framework 6 but is not supported on Visual Studio 2015, only 2010, 2013 Possible Cause The EF Power Tools is integrated with EF Designer on Visual Studio and it will be replaced on EF 7 Solution Download the customized package here Turn the visual studio off Install it by double click OR by using Administrator account ... [More]

Five Reason to Choose ASP.NET Web Forms

On this short video, we will discuss about a technology overview when choosing ASP.NET web forms. At least there are five reasons why you should choose ASP.NET web forms such as the rapid development environment, drag-and-drop support, and many more. Please view the video!   And how about a consideration why you don't need to use web forms, just visit the comment and let's discuss... [More]

Failed to Install .NET Core on Visual Studio 2015 Update 3

Problem When you click the install button on .NET Core installation you will get this error. Although you already have Visual Studio Update 3 Installed Cause This might be happening several packages is not ready or corrupts. Solution Repair your Visual Studio by Re-installing the Update 3. Download the latest patch on Update 3 namely Update 3.3 (KB3165756) Restart your VS Run it agai... [More]

Video: 3 Tips to Get Faster Update for Your Visual Studio

Today we will discuss about how to get faster update on your Visual Studio 2015. These tips save me about two hours

Duplicated Documents Icon on The Navigation Pane in Windows 10

Problem You move Documents folder or move the location of OneDrive. Suddenly the Documents Folder is duplicated on the left side of navigation. Cause The problem happens because enumerator problem on the Windows 10. This can't be avoided for some PC Solution On the File Explorer, open View Tab Click Options Go to View Tab On the Navigation Pane Category, select "Show All Folders" or u... [More]

Beginner Tutorial for ASP.NET MVC

As a part, of our commitment to create a local video tutorial on Visual Studio Technology. We created a beginner tutorial for ASP.NET MVC with Visual Studio 2015. There are 8 videos on the plan. You can visit YouTube to join the Visual Studio Indonesia YouTube Page. Or enjoying the video below

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