Research Interaction Tips

Research is a enjoyable moment for passionate student, if you already enroll to one of my research topic. Be sure to follows this guidence.

  1. Let me know what your research interest by email me with your one page abstract.
  2. I will response your email at least 2x24 hour on workday, please be patient
  3. If you don't have idea about your thesis please send me an email to ask available research topic and tell me your interest
  4. If you want to discuss with me on the lab, please send me a calendar invitation or ping me through FB messenger
  5. Never visit me without an appointment or outside of schedule
  6. Your research has a timeframe, so please update your thesis progress at least once in a month through email, IM, or offline meeting. 
  7. Never print the publication or thesis, send me the digital version at least two days before the meeting.
  8. The meeting can be done through email, im, or face-to-face be sure to write it on your research log for administration purpose.
  9. Thesis publication should have sufficient quality, please allow me to proof-read your result, so any idea to give me a thesis document for just approval purpose will be neglected. Please allow one week for approval purposes and revision.

Having difficulty with your research? please share through my academic email at

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