7 services that become the most used service on Azure Service

As a developer, you might want to create something with Azure Cloud Service. You figure it out, there are so many services available on Azure platform. Which one that you need is a good question. This article will discuss 7 things that you need to learn on Azure Cloud Services #1 Web Apps Template The first thing that you need to know is supported web template on Azure. Joomla, Umbraco, WordPres... [More]

10 Tips to Improve Windows 10 Battery Life

Mobile warrior just like you might be brought the ultraportable laptop and the latest Windows 10. You might want to get battery life longer when you can find the power outlet. This article will discuss 10 tips to improve battery life on Windows 10. You might already know it or you might be missed it. Here we go! Tips 1. Turn on The Battery Saver (Impact: High) Battery Saver. Turn on Battery Save... [More]

Installation Tips on Visual Studio 2017

Visual Studio 2017 is available! Yes it is, you might join the launch and now time to prepare your Visual Studio 2017 on your machine. Before to do that, we recommend you to uninstall Visual Studio 2015 by following these steps http://ridilabs.net/post/2017/03/11/Clean-Uninstall-Visual-Studio-2015-to-Install-Visual-Studio-2017.aspx Tips to Install Visual Studio 2017 #1 Download the Offline Ins... [More]

Clean Uninstall Visual Studio 2015 to Install Visual Studio 2017

Why Clean Uninstall? Visual Studio 2015 comes with a lot of dependency and when you uninstall it through the Program Features. It is only uninstall the main product which is the IDE itself. It doesn't uninstall the rest of the product. This step will guide you to do clean uninstallation for Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 and then prepare to Install Visual Studio 2017 Step-by-Step Solution Install... [More]

Your Team Foundation Services Is Not Work After GIT Installation

Problem You have a git repository on your system and you open a solution under TFS. After opening your project you found that your project is aggregated by GIT not TFS. Therefore, you can commit the TFS project to the cloud Possible Cause This is because your repository on GIT and repository on TFS is on similar or children directory. For example, your GIT folder is on C:/project/ while your T... [More]

Understanding Continuous Integration on Visual Studio Online

Some introduction Visual Studio give you cool features namely continuous integration. It is not new feature, however on new roll up of visual studio system they really exposed in the new homepage of your project. Here are some scenario that you want to expect from continuous integration Automatically build your solution when any developer do the checkout and monitor it the result on integra... [More]

How to Recover Your HTC because OTA Update

Problem You use Android for your development environment on the Visual Studio. You need to make sure that your application is compatible with the latest Android API. You update your Android and after that your phone is not functional. It is shown by red exclamation warning on your screen. Cause This is caused by lack of power of your HTC, please make sure when you update through OTA or flash o... [More]

Visual Studio Code and GIT Integration

Problem You already use Visual Studio TFS to host your codes. However, you want to create personal codes or to migrate your TFS into a GIT. This article will discuss how to use GIT on your Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio Online Account. Requirements Before we start, please make sure you already have Visual Studio Account you can create it on http://visualstudio.com Visual Studio Cod... [More]

Installing Office 365 Pro Plus Offline or USB Method

Problem You want to install Office 365 pro plus, but you have a problem with your internet connection or your firewall. You try several times but have no luck. You install Office 2016 but you can't activate with your Office 365 account Possible Solution With the help of Office Deployment Kit, you can install Office 365 pro plus for offline purpose or shared network. Please follow the steps. ... [More]

10 reasons to use Xamarin

Yesterday, I created a Indonesian presentation about top 10 reasons to use Xamarin and top trends on a mobile development. The event is presented as a webinar on Purwokerto, Central Java. Top Trends on Mobile Development Here are my top trends on mobile development Faster development method will be chosen Cloud technology integration Security and Privacy Policy will grow and strict Con... [More]

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