Building Xamarin IOS in The Cloud

You might want a way how to develop iOS without buying Mac? The quick answer for this is MacInCloud. MacInCloud is a good way when you: Seasonal developer, or just create a mac app for one or two months. It is definitely cheap with 29$ / month with VTST Build agents plan Having a reliable connection to the cloud / internet You are don't have a budget to buy mini mac that cost you 500$ Quick ... [More]

Do We Need Microsoft Flow?

Imagine that you want to automate your daily task such as uploading an attachment from an email to your OneDrive. In the past, you can do that by creating an app and then use the provided API. Those tasks can only happen if you have a programming skill. But today, the communication between one service to the other services can be easily implemented with Microsoft Flow technology. Microsoft Technol... [More]

5 Things that you need to know before doing Load Testing

So, we have the application and we want to do load test. Before we do a load test, this is five things that you need to need to consider before you want to do load test. #1 Load testing doesn't support UI Code testing (for Now) If you want to do load test with specific activity such as buying or shipping. You can record to the UI Coded testing but you can't do that on a load test. #2 You can'... [More]

Development Team Patterns

Building Jell team for software development is not as easy as we think. There are several thinks on team development that we need to consider before we build a product. This webcast shows several things to do and to understand such as The team development lifecycle from forming, storming, norming, and performing The natural team characteristic The building blocks to build the natural team ... [More]

How Configure Visual Studio Code for C#

On this video, we will discuss how to setup, configure, and debug the visual studio codes for dotNet core development with C#. This video is using Bahasa Indonesia please subscribe on Visual Studio ID Community medianet_width = "600"; medianet_height = "250"; medianet_crid = "858385152"; medianet_versionId = "3111299";

Introducing Workloads on Visual Studio 2017

Problems One of the biggest problem when installing Visual Studio is to limit the installation files based on the user needs. This article will provide you basic information to answer this question What workload that I need to install in order to build this kind of software? Solution In order to answer the question, this table will help you to justify what we need to install. I need to bui... [More]

3 Steps to Obtain and to Configure SSL on Azure with Different Tenant

Problem One of the key problem that developer face when building a website is configuring the extra security layer by adding SSL. In the past, we should buy on the third party like GoDaddy or other. Today, Azure can do it right away without leaving the portal by following this article. However, the article doesn't describe how to configure with a different tenant. On this situation, I have an SSL... [More]

23 Things that you need to learn on technology

One of the biggest question for any student who want to start a research on information technology is what they need to learn to understand the foundation of the current information technology in 21st century. On 26 January 28, 2018, the clinical science that run by the Sagasitas Research Center discussed about the several things that need to prepare as a student who want to join on information te... [More]

Choosing Between Visual Studio Team Services or Visual Studio App Center

One of my peers asks me what is different between Visual Studio Team Services and Visual Studio App Center. It seems similar. This article will describe the similarity and the difference between both services. Product Definitions Both products are dedicated for different purpose Therefore, it plays a different role in your job. Let's make an analogy by considering car manufacturer. Visual Studio... [More]

Solution: Cannot Run or Update Windows Store Apps on Windows 10

You start one of your Windows Store App, and you found that the application is not working. You visit the store and found that the app is on the way to update. However, the update shows an error 0x8007XXXX. Regardless the error code, this article is for you who have a problem with the windows store apps on windows 10. The article will give you five steps. The root cause of this issue The issue ... [More]

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