Missing MSCOMCTL.ocx on Windows 10

Problem You want to run your 'old' application on Windows 10. However, the application can't start because 'its missing mscomctl.ocx" Cause Windows 10 doesn't ship the MSCOMCTL.ocx anymore, the MSCOMCTL.ocx is a library that is used by the Visual Basic 6 Runtime to render the application GUI Solution Download the MSCOMCTL.ocx in Microsoft Download On search menu / Cortana search command prompt and run it as administrator by right clicking it Copy the MSCOMCTL.ocx file to C:\Windows\SysWOW64 Navigate the command prompt to the location C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and typed regsvr32 mscomctl.ocx. it should say that the registration succeeded Run your legacy application, enjoy!   //

Video Tutorial Universal Windows Platform

Windows 10 is already there; Windows 10 has potential being successful because they use terms 'universal windows apps'. It means both Windows Mobile, Windows PC, and Windows IoT shares same architecture even the applications. If you eager to learn to understand the Universal Windows Platform, just visit the community channel on MSDN – Channel 9 : You can download the Video and Watch it YouTube fans? Please subscribe here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV4t_1859sDIyee6uwstcFQ For the Universal Windows Phone videos, we would say thank you to Dicoding, who supports this videos

Understanding Windows 10 SKU Version

Windows 10 is there, you might already download it to your PC. And you might be have question about what version that Windows 10 have. Windows 10 has several SKU's. This post will give you a quick brief what the SKU and what the purpose of each SKU. Windows 10 Home. The Windows 10 home is dedicated for home user who use the Desktop PC. If you have a desktop PC this edition is proper for you. Windows 10 Professional. Is a Windows 10 home with additional support for tablet version. Therefore, it has a feature for 2-in-1 device like tablet-notebook. If you have laptop with touch screen this is the version for you. Windows 10 Enterprise. is a windows 10 for Volume license business user. it a Windows 10 Professional with additional features on security and connectivity. Several feature like DirectAcccess, integrated VPN, and others business feature like encryption. This enterprise also has LTSB version. LTSB version means your Windows don't need a feature update for a year number. So that you have a control for your Windows. Windows 10 Education. Windows 10 enterprise for academic user. It has a next features for education. Although in this release it has same feature with Windows 10 Enterprise Windows 10 mobile. Windows 10 for your Windows Phone 8.1. Windows 10 mobile enterprise. Windows 10 mobile that has enterprise features. Windows 10 IOT Core. It has two version for Minnow Board (x86) and for Raspberry Pi2 (ARM). This version is for a people who want to use Windows 10 for IOT environment like embedded or wearable devices. Windows 10 Holographic. Windows 10 version that used for Augmented Reality. it is distributed on Hololens Windows 10 Xbox. Windows 10 version for Xbox Console. It is distributed with Xbox One and Xbox 360. On the installer side, Windows 10 still also has N version. A version without Entertainment application such as Photo management, Music,, and Video Player. Multiple Edition has a several version includes Education, Enterprise, and others. All the product will be available free if you own windows 7, windows 8, windows phone 8.1, and others supported device with Windows. Windows 10 mobile licensing will also be free for device that has lower than 10’ device. it means it can be alternative for a people who looking free OS for their research. 

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