Creating Microsoft Flow Manually

On this video tutorial, i show you how to create Microsoft Flow without using template. This video shows you how to send a reminder email based on time schedule and create an approval to the manager.  Have question about Microsoft Flow? just drop your comments here  //

Getting started with Microsoft Graph on Windows Form

This tutorial shows you how to create a Windows Form application that use Microsoft Graph. This tutorial is part of digital documentation of Office 365 Global Bootcamp 2018 in Indonesia. You can download the codes here. you can view the quick tutorial here

An Easy way to move Office 365 .ost file on Outlook

Problem Your SSD have no space, at all and you need to move your Office 365 .ost file to other drive. IN order give a breath of your files and updates.       Solution We will do a simple trick to move .ost files tnto a new location Create a folder on other partition for example I create D:\Email Open your explorer copy this code to your browser address C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook Make sure you close your Outlook, Skype for Business, and any others application that use Office 365 files Move any .ost files to the new location D:\Email on this example Open the command prompt by searching command prompt and right click to elevate as admin For each .ost files create this codes (assuming that your ost files is youroutlook.ost). Don’t need to changes %username% mklink "C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\youroutlook.ost" "D:\Documents\Outlook Files\youroutlook.ost"   Happy moving, everyone

OneDrive for Business Has Stopped Working Issues

Problem You have, Windows 8.1. and Office 2013 Pro Plus Installed and someday, you got an error that said OneDrive for Business Has Stopped Working – GROOVE.exe Cause There are a lot possibility, but the most common is the issues when the OneDrive fail to sync the file. Reinstall or Uninstall Office won’t help. Solution Please follow these steps Stop all the Office application that run on the foreground Stop all the related OneDrive for Business files such as groove.exe (OneDrive for Business) and msosync.exe (Office Library Sync) Through explorer visit C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\Spw, delete all the files on the folder Erase all content in this folder C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\15.0\OfficeFileCache Open your OneDrive for Business Resync all the content Good luck!

Learning Project Management with Office 365

If you have ever need to learn project management deeply by understanding every fundamental aspect. This article will cover you what need to be learnt for project management. Project management that I said is pragmatic project management. this learning guide is not ittended for PMI certification but might be usefull for your quick and daily activity when you managing the project. Before we start we need tools like Microsoft Project Office 365 Subscriptions Office 2013 or Office 365 Pro Plus Subscriptions Season 1 – Thoeritical Week 1. Understanding Project Management Fundamental You should know what is project, what is project management, who is the stakeholder, and how to measure the successful of a project. Week 2. Project Management Lifecycle You need to know what the steps to create the successful project whether using conventional or agile process. Week 3. Getting Started a Project This theory covers what you need to propare to start a fresh project. Week 4. Project Planning and Estimation On this week, we will learn about how to estimate and to plan a project by understanding estimation fundamental, estimation verification, and measuring estimation. Week 5. Budget Planning On this week, we will propose a project budget based on the project planning and estimation step. we will also learn how to understand the budget component, overhead, and budget negotiation. Week 6. Project Management Tools In this week, we will discuss the known project management tools. we will choose on of the famous project management tools like Primavera, Open Project, or Microsoft Project to implement the fundamental aspect of project management. Season 2 – Practical Week 7.  Creating Project Proposal The practical session deep focused on daily task on your project management. this week will discuss the project proposal that contains the scope of work of our project, investment budget, timeline, and many others detail. Week 8. Managing a Meeting This practical tips will handle a meeting as a fundamental of client satisfication. This cover preparing a meeting, creating a meeting schedule, managing agenda, executing the meeting, and creating the side notes of meeting. Week 9. Creating a project team This week will discuss how you compose the project team, when will you need additional team member, and when you need the consultant or the bigger team. Week 10. Running The Project This week will discuss how to steer a project, keep the project rhytm works well, and understanding the basic control management to run the project. Week 11. Managing Technical Documentation This week will dicuss the technical documentation that might be needed as an artifact of the project. Week 12. Project Deliverables This week will discuss how to setup deliverables, deliver the project, create a training session, and launch the project. Week 13. Completing a Project This will discuss how to complete a project, how to create better ending, creating portfolio, and composing a prokect knowledge based for the next project. Week 14. After Project Support This week will discuss how to setup long term commitment to support and to operate a project result. as well as to make an opportunity to the next project. That’s it our learning plan to understand project management better, and hopefully with 14 week (@2 hours) you will get better understand your project. If you need a learning kit, or even onsite training about this project management you can contact me through email, see you

OneDrive for Business Consumes a lot of Space on Office Cache

Problem When you sync your OneDrive for Business from Office 365 Pro plus / Office 2013. It consumed a same amount of disk that you are synhronized to the cloud. For example you have 2 GB documents on the cloud, if you sync it into your local files you need 2 GB + Office Cache files (2 GB). The other problem makes your Office run slower than before, because it always sync on the cloud Cause This because the Office Cache files need to store your state of work on their offices. Plus the behavior of the Office cache handler Solution Step 1 - Configure your Office Cache Control Find upload center control         Click the settings. My recommended settings is like this           Step 2 - Move your Cache Files This step is optional. However, I recommend you move the Office File Cache to the other drive if you are using non SSD drive. To do this please follow this Visit regedit by typing regedit on command prompt Open HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Common\Internet Create a string key value namely OfficeCacheLocation   Restart your PC Step 3 - Stop the Office Upload Center and OneDrive Use the task manager to kill the office upload center and exit using the notification icon on OneDrive Step 4 - Clean up your Cache Files After you restart the document, you can clean up the cache files. The steps are: Visit C:\Users\Ridi Fe\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\15.0 Fine OfficeCache or something like that Delete it Enjoy your new and clean OneDrive without consuming a lot of spaces again. If you don’t know what is OneDrive for Business and want to get up-to 15 GB your free personal storage you can click here using OneDrive or Buy OneDrive for Business here

ALM minimalist, an Agile way to Stay Agile

My teammate feel not really satisfied with the ALM features on VIsual Studio 2013. It is great, but lack of simplicity for small to medium project. After using Visual Studio for almost than 15 years, I agree that ALM is a good feature, but not as for startup who still fighting with the client changes and codes horror. Of you already subscribe to and feel that you still focusing on the codes or API usage. focusing on the collaboration between client and you in terms of changes control. focusing on planning schedule rather than thinking the burndown chart. If you feel like the situation above is same with your team. This article is for you, this article will show you how to minimize the usage some of redundant TFS features on small and mediim project. This practices is already done on more tha five projects that run on two till six months. We call this practice as ALM minimalist. The ALM minimalist purpose is to Empower the client and your team through multimodal communication Empower the team to focus on creating quality codes by adopting eXtreme Programming practices Empower the coach / project manager to minimize the changes and to get better revenue on a project. With the three purposes of ALM Minimalist. the practice needs several subscriptions for your team which are Office 365 subscriptions Visual Studio Online Subscriptions After you subscribe both services, we will discuss how to utilize the services for ALM activities, see you in the next post. cheers, @ridife

Three tips on moving to the cloud for Information workers

This Indonesian articles covers three tips for information workers in Indonesia who thinks to move their solution to the cloud. The tips are: On Premise should be there and side by side with the cloud Focusing the organization to increase business value rather than infrastructure Saving your important data to the cloud and replicate it into your private cloud You can download the full article here Frankly speaking, The best way to adopt the cloud is do a pilot solution for your cloud solution, doing a POC, and measure your organization need with the cloud offering. The result is go to the cloud or use the conventional Software as a Services model. Choosing the public cloud such as Office 365 might be a good solution for SMB and small amount enterprise, but might be some Enterprise need more private solution in their own Private Cloud. medianet_width = "600"; medianet_height = "250"; medianet_crid = "858385152"; medianet_versionId = "3111299";

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