Install SEO toolkit on Windows 10 and Server 2012 R2

Problem You try the Web Platform Installer to download SEO toolkit on your Windows 10 or Windows Server 2012 R2. After the installation of Web Pi you got an error. That SEO Toolkit can't work on IIS before 7. Possible Cause The SEO toolkit is compatible with IIS 7 or higher. This is the known bug of SEO Toolkit and until this post is submitted, there is no plan SEO Toolkit will be updated. W... [More]

Can’t Delete The Printer Queue on Windows 10

Problem You have a stuck document that can't be printed, and you want to delete it through printer dialog. However, you only get the "Deleting" status, and the printer is in error state Possible Cause It's not Windows issues, it is your printer issue. The computer still holds the cache and can't delete it. Possible Solution Visit Services application through your Windows Search Loo... [More]

Work Email Requesting Android Device Encryption Although is Already Encrypted

Problem Your organization email works fine. After several hours of use, the device requests an encryption to your device. You checked by visiting Settings > Security. It is shown that your device is encrypted. You follow the Android to encrypt the device, but have no luck. The device still requests the encryption process although is already encrypted. Possible Cause The root cause of this pr... [More]

References is not detected although the Nuget is Restored on Visual Studio 2015

Problem You get the codes from your friend, and you get it from TFS. However, it shows that the references are not found although you already restore the Nuget package Possible Cause This problem can be caused by several reasons such as: Visual Studio Hasn't refresh yet Not all package is installed by Nuget, such as 3rd party component installer that install the references through global as... [More]

Installing XNA 4 Refresh on Visual Studio 2015

Problem XNA Framework is not supported on Visual Studio 2015 but you still want to use it to create a simple game for your Windows / Windows Phone Potential Causes XNA Framework is discontinued and no longer supported by the Microsoft Solution Please follow these steps Open MXA on Codeplex Install the installer from DirectX, till XNA Shared library, except the. v... [More]

Visual Studio Extension Installer is not displayed on Windows 10

Problem You find a good extension, and you double click the *. vsix file. However, the installation is not started without any information. If you click the installer Potential Causes Visual Studio Installer needs administrator privilege; the problem is the Windows never tells the user that it needs additional privilege. If you visit the event viewer, you will get that information. Furthermor... [More]

Preparing your Global Software Development on The Cloud

Live is not as easier with the cloud. Today, the entire software development collaboration can be done through the cloud. We called it cloud enabled software engineering collaboration (CESEC). CESEC plays major role on today Global Software Development (GSD). GSD is a way, when the development team and the client might be separated in terms of place and time. Yes, we can build our own GSD infrastr... [More]

Single Sign on Federated Identity Scenario

Single sign on, sooner or later become a part of user management services. Office 365 gives you several ways to implement single sign on identity through several way such as: Cloud identity: Office 365 as login provider. We simply said out of box experience on Microsoft Platform to authenticate the identity across Microsoft product such as OneDrive, Skype, and Yammer. Synchronized Identity: Off... [More]

Web Server Capacity Planning on Cloud Environment

Even you are using cloud computing, you want to know how exactly your consumption will be billed. Furthermore, if you are build Private Cloud you should take care about capacity planning on your datacentre. This article will cover several steps to do capacity planning on Web server only Workload Capacity Planning Step Workload capacity planning discuss about what we expect for our web server. ... [More]

Windows 10 Innovative Learning Plan

If somebody said Windows 10 is for amateur OS? Please think again, it is different term when you said amateur vs user friendly. Windows 10 has several things that you can learn and can apply even on Enterprise that far from amateur 'mind-set'. This post will guide you how to learn Windows 10 both for IT Professional or Developer. This learning plan is dedicated who want to get benefit from the pla... [More]

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