Building Maintenance Plan on SQL Server 2014


As an Admin, you want your life easier by creating automatic task on your database server. However, you don’t have a good best practices how to create a good maintenance


Preparation Phase

In order to create a better maintenance plan you should have at least

  • Two hard disk, the first hard disk is for transactional and the second hard disk work as a backup. Having one hard disk and doing a backup on the same hard disk is somewhat strange
  • An email account that broadcast every update from the maintenance plan on SQL Server 2014. This email address should have SMTP access.
  • Email recipient list that will receive a report from your server
  • Activate your sql server agent (Agent XP) and Database Email

Executing Phase

SQL Server already has a maintenance plan since 2000. This table will help you how to create better SQL Server 2014 maintenance plan

Task Small and Medium Size Database / Transaction Big size database / Transaction Reason
Shrink database NEVER MANUAL it makes your database highly fragmented. after this action please do rebuild index
Full backup Daily Monthly or Weekly use another hard drive to do this kind of backup such as upload it to azure
Differential backup Hourly Weekly or Daily  
Transactional log Optional Hourly  
Rebuild index Monthly Weekly best combined before full backup
Reorganize Index and Update statictic Optional Weekly or Optional Optional if you already do rebuild index
Cleanup maintenance task Optional Weekly or Monthly  


Some good books that can you use for this purpose

Preparing a Project with Visual Studio Online


This article will cover how to prepare a project with Visual Studio Online and Agile method. This article assumes that you already have Visual Studio Online account. If you don’t have one, just create at

Creating a project and version control 

  • On your visual studio online account, create a new project
  • You can full a project information like the picture below


  • After waiting for several seconds, you can navigate to the project.

Adding a member

  • After creating a project, you can add a member by clicking manage link on your project dashboard


  • You can add your team member by typing his name or his Microsoft account email.
  • Please note, that your team member should be registered on visual studio online to join the project.

Planning the iterations

  • On a real project, the customer and the team meet each other on a session called a planning game. The planning game will discuss the user story, the itreration length, and the release plan of the system. On this step, we assume that you already have the user story and the release plan of the project.
  • You manage the iteration length by clicking the gear icon on the right uppoer of your visual studio


  • Select the iterations tab. For this example we create one release with two iteration.


  • As you see we also set the date for the release plan date and the iteration. You can see on the picture, we put an overhead time to make sure the quality of our source is sufficient. Please make sure to check the checkbox to activate the iteration backlog
  • Open back your project, and visit Work tab, you will see that we are ready to add some user story on the Visual Studio Online.


Conslusion and Future works

On this post we create a project with Visual Studio Online as a fisrt step on Application Lifecycle Management. On the next post we will discuss how to create a feature, story amd task. You can grab the visual studio on Amazon.

OneDrive Get Sync Problem but All Files are Synced


You sync your one drive with your PC and you get an error that tell there is a sync problem, but after you click the detail it is said the all files are up to date


This is because some temp files can’t be synced to your OneDrive and make a few conflict with your sync status


  • Open your OneDrive Application
  • Find a folder that has an issue. it is symbolized by the cross symbol on Windows RT or ‘!’ mark on your PC
  • Open the hidden files on File Explorer
  • Find the file that has ‘!’ mark on your PC and delete it
  • On the OneDrive App click the Sync button
  • Solved


Unable to Add Data Connection on Visual Studio 2013 after SQL Server 2014 Upgrade


You uninstall SQL Server 2012 and install a new SQL Server 2014 for your development machine. However after the installation of SQL Server 2014 you get an error like below

Could not load file or assembly Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Sdk.Sfc, Version=

And you can’t add the data connection on Visual Studio 2013



This is because you remove the entire installation of SQL server 2012. Visual Studio 2013 need the installation of some of SQL Server 2012 library


Simply download the latest package of this library to fix the problem

    You done !

OneDrive for Business Consumes a lot of Space on Office Cache


When you sync your OneDrive for Business from Office 365 Pro plus / Office 2013. It consumed a same amount of disk that you are synhronized to the cloud. For example you have 2 GB documents on the cloud, if you sync it into your local files you need 2 GB + Office Cache files (2 GB). The other problem makes your Office run slower than before, because it always sync on the cloud


This because the Office Cache files need to store your state of work on their offices. Plus the behavior of the Office cache handler


Step 1 - Configure your Office Cache Control

Find upload center control






Click the settings. My recommended settings is like this







Step 2 - Move your Cache Files

This step is optional. However, I recommend you move the Office File Cache to the other drive if you are using non SSD drive. To do this please follow this

  • Visit regedit by typing regedit on command prompt
  • Open HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Common\Internet
  • Create a string key value namely OfficeCacheLocation



  • Restart your PC

Step 3 - Stop the Office Upload Center and OneDrive

Use the task manager to kill the office upload center and exit using the notification icon on OneDrive

Step 4 - Clean up your Cache Files

After you restart the document, you can clean up the cache files. The steps are:

  • Visit C:\Users\Ridi Fe\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\15.0
  • Fine OfficeCache or something like that
  • Delete it

Enjoy your new and clean OneDrive without consuming a lot of spaces again. If you don’t know what is OneDrive for Business and want to get up-to 15 GB your free personal storage you can click here using OneDrive or Buy OneDrive for Business here

Visual Studio 14 CTP

Yes, its there.. the Visual Studio 2015 aka Visual Studio 14 is free for download. It still early access CTP so you will find many glitches about it. But according to my experience the Visual Studio 14 provides you better integration on the cloud (Azure), mobile, and also Office 365 Apps

You can dowload the latest version of Visual Studio 14 CTP here

You can see the notes about this release here 

I will post my screencast video about this Visual Studio 14 CTP on this weekend so stay tune Smile

The Fundamental of Usability.

Sometme you love the client, sometime you don’t. Client want you more with their limited investment. And you want to give the client the best with their investmet. This article will discuss how we develop the system with usability in mind. Usability is a set of principles that related how the people learn to use the syste. So let’s get started.

They are five basic of usability attributes namely (Nielsen, 1993)

  • Learnability
  • Efficiency
  • Memorability
  • Error tolerance
  • Satisfication

If your team can achive those attributes, ideally your poduct will be awesome. However, it still depends with the client itself. Therefore, the level of usability attributes will be different from one client to the others. When we talk about system acceptance that is finished by acceptance of the user, Figure 1 shows how the system acceptance happens










The acceptability of the system again depends on the user that use the system. Figure 2 shows the acceptance level based on the user. It is shown that there are three characteristics of the user namely the usage of the system, computer experience and domain knowledge.


The All New Safari Books Online

As a subcriber of Safari Books Online for more than two years, i will share my personal opinion about the new interface of safari books online. We will compare the current safari books online ( with the all new interface of safaribooksonline ( Let’s get started.

What’s good on the new safari books online

  • Clean interface, responsive, and compatible on many browser
  • Quick search and seamless searching experience between video and book
  • Recommendation system based on the reader interest
  • The semantic usage of reader. For example, what section that become favourite on certain books, or how long reader will read the section of the book
  • Modern video player

What’s wrong with the new safari books online

  • Limited collection, I search the same query between old and the new interface. Guess what the new interface has differeny content about my query “Sharepoint 2013”






  • NO favorite folders only Queue. So you can’t move your collection into a specific folder. It will become a problem if you have many subject to learn






  • No support for exploring a book by years of publication. For example, you want to get a latest definition about e-learning. In the past, I just click the left side filter fo publication years but with the new interface of safari is somewhat impossible.
  • No economic option for student, unemployee, or lecturer. The subscriptions cost ~200-300$, in the old safari you have 100$ option through a bookshelt model.
  • The lack support of Windows Phone, Android, and Windows 8.1 client.

Verdict – upgrade now or later?

I love how Safari books structure the book on a new model. however, they forget how digital library is structured. is just like one step ahead, but two step back.  If you are a book lover, the new upgrade is a must, but if you have limited budget. Keep your old safari till you need to access full library. trust me, 200$-300$ years is worthed with the Safari

UnobtrusiveValidationMode Issues on Visual Studio 2013


Yesterday, I created empty web template with Web Forms support through Visual Studio 2013. Unlike, the WebForms and the MVC template that works flawlessly. I got unique error as shown on figure








It is said that I need ScriptResourceMapping for jquery. It is strange that I don’t need JQUERY for this project.


After doing a search there are several options to solve the Empty Web issues on Visual Studio which are

Option 1 – If you don’t need JQUERY

If you don’t need jquery you can add this on your web.config

    <add key="ValidationSettings:UnobtrusiveValidationMode" value="None"></add>

Option 2 – If you need JQUERY - Installing JQUERY using nugget

For this purpose you can read this link

Option 3 – You don’t need JQUERY but need ASP.NET WebForms Validation

For this purpose you can read this link

Preparing Your SharePoint Certification

As the user of Visual Studio, you might know about SharePoint platform. SharePoint platform is a portal based web application that build for enterprise. Although, it has the foundation version for SMB which is free. SharePoint can easily scaled to the Enterprise or even the cloud. SharePoint has two main version the first version is On-premise and the cloud version. The on-premise version namely SharePoint 2013. The cloud based version namely SharePoint Online and is part of Office 365.

SharePoint become promising in the era of paperless, and the online version will help you to create the SharePoint solution easily rather than in the on-premise version

SharePoint Certification

There are two certification for the latest SharePoint namely MCSE (MIcrosoft Certified Solution Expert) and MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer). for SharePoints. MCSE is for IT professional and MCSD is for Developers.

MCSE : SharePoint

In order to become MCSE you should pass the MCSA requirements and then follow it with two exam

  • Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements (70-346)
  • Enabling Office 365 Services (70-347)

If you pass both certification, you will get MCSA (MC Solution Associate), you can join the course 20346B. Yes the course is look like Microsoft Office Specialist Office 365 but the MCSA more focused with the implmentation rather than usage. After pass the MCSA you can join

Beside the offline course you can join microsoft virtual academy (MVA) for SharePoint

MCSD: SharePoint

In order to become Solution Developer for SharePoint you should pass four exam which are

  • Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 (70-480). You can also join the offline course 20480B
  • Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications (70-486), You can also join the offline course 20486B
  • Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions (70-488), You can also join the course 20488B
  • Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Advanced Solutions (70-489). You can also join the course 20489B

Book References

Preparing is a must and you should prepare by online, offline, or books like below

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