Missing SilverLight Developer Runtime on Visual Studio 2013 / 2013

Silverlight is almost dead, but you might need the runtime when you want to build a Lightswitch project or Rich internet Application Yesterday, I show some Silverlight demo from Telerik to the students, it works great for the demo. However, when I show the demo how to create the a LightSwitch project, the Visual Studio refused to debug the application. It shown that the developer runtime is missing. Problem Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 can’t debug the Silverlight based application like Silverlight Project, RIA services, and LightSwitch Cause It because the developer runtime is missing, even on the new Visual Studio 2013. Solution Here are the step to fix the issues Remove the “Microsoft Silverlight” programs Install the developer runtime (X64 version)  and (X86 Version) Test the developer runtime by creating a silverlight based project Cheers, @ridife

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