Software Development Best Practices

As a software engineer, i feel overwhelming with the software development process. Although, it's been more than decades to learn about it and plus my doctoral degree is in software engineering. i don't have any confidence that our software will have less bugs, better performance, and stable architecture. This is because several reasons such as: requirements changes lack of better architecture... [More]

Becoming Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineer has two parts. The first part is competency as Cloud Solution Architect. The Second part is competency as Cloud DevOps Engineer. On this post, we will discuss the first part of cloud solution architect. This article will guide you how to learn and to become Cloud Solution Architect. Whether you go with Azure or go with others cloud provider. You might not get wrong, if the cloud pla... [More]

The Bugs Sprint

Once in your development time, you will face a term namely "Bugs Sprint". Bugs sprint is a term when the entire sprint is running for solving the bugs. The bug's sprint is a nightmare because: It's contra productive, your team will fix the bugs rather than build a feature. It's draining, your team will face to fix the bugs and may be created another bug (we name it as regression) It's costly, t... [More]

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