Information System Development Patterns in Information Economic Era

Information System (IS) is everywhere. From small market, medium company, and huge enterprise already use the information system. Nowadays IS is complex but it should simple as possible. IS product is everywhere, but the product has a short lifetime during the competition with others product, low agility with business process, and slow adoption to the new organization. The short lifetime is not t... [More]

8 Steps to Survive in Windows 8 Hackathon Yogyakarta

Building a software in a night will be your great test for your survivebility. There is a good event in Yogyakarta called Windows 8 Hackathon, with more than 1000 developers registered (including you!), we encourage you to win and survive. Therefore, you must prepare enough to 24 hours battle here are the 8 step for survival preparation for Windows 8 Hackathon events Activating your Live ID. Ye... [More]

8 Steps to Start Building Your Windows 8 Apps

This article will cover what we need to know first in order to build Windows 8 Apps. If you already read this article why don’t you register to the biggest Windows 8 events in Yogyakarta at here You can download the Indonesian article here or read online here

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