Preparing your Global Software Development on The Cloud

Live is not as easier with the cloud. Today, the entire software development collaboration can be done through the cloud. We called it cloud enabled software engineering collaboration (CESEC). CESEC plays major role on today Global Software Development (GSD). GSD is a way, when the development team and the client might be separated in terms of place and time. Yes, we can build our own GSD infrastr... [More]

Single Sign on Federated Identity Scenario

Single sign on, sooner or later become a part of user management services. Office 365 gives you several ways to implement single sign on identity through several way such as: Cloud identity: Office 365 as login provider. We simply said out of box experience on Microsoft Platform to authenticate the identity across Microsoft product such as OneDrive, Skype, and Yammer. Synchronized Identity: Off... [More]

Web Server Capacity Planning on Cloud Environment

Even you are using cloud computing, you want to know how exactly your consumption will be billed. Furthermore, if you are build Private Cloud you should take care about capacity planning on your datacentre. This article will cover several steps to do capacity planning on Web server only Workload Capacity Planning Step Workload capacity planning discuss about what we expect for our web server. ... [More]

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