Building Macro on OneNote

Some people wondering how to develop a macro on OneNote. This blog post will discuss how to create Macro on OneNote. The Macro engine is not yet available from Microsoft (On October 2016) Yes, sadly but true. In order to develop a macro from OneNote you should download the third party one namely OneTastic. You can grab it here Understanding the Basic of OneTastic Mac... [More]

How to Migrate Your Azure from One Subscription to the Others

Problem You already have two or more subscriptions and you want to consolidate it into a same billing address or a same package subscription. For example, you have two subscriptions. The first one is Pay as You Go and the second one is MSDN Enterprise. You want to migrate content from Pay as You Go to MSDN Enterprise Package. Solution Step 1. Please make sure it has same email address (account... [More]

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