Building Macro on OneNote

Some people wondering how to develop a macro on OneNote. This blog post will discuss how to create Macro on OneNote.

The Macro engine is not yet available from Microsoft (On October 2016)

Yes, sadly but true. In order to develop a macro from OneNote you should download the third party one namely OneTastic. You can grab it here

Understanding the Basic of OneTastic Macro

Let me tell you something, OneTastic uses Macro Language. It is different language from VBScript or JavaScript but it is so similar. Here is the example of the codes. You can learn more the object model . You can automate any objects on Macro starting from Notebook to a section.

Exported as a XML

The codes are exported as XML and can be moved from one OneNote to the others using two mechanisms the first one is done by copy-paste the XML documents and the last one is uploading the macro to a Macroland. Macroland is a just like Macro Store from OneTastic. The market store is quite good and responsive on update.

OneTastic is NOT FREE

Yes, OneTastic is a trial, and you should pay 15$ to make your OneNote macro capable. But the trial itself is really good. You don't get annoying dialog and you can use the macro execution for 365 days for free. And after that you can buy for 15$ for forever.

That's it! Happy Macro development !


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