OneNote and OneNote 2016, which one is better?

In the last year, Microsoft discontinued the OneNote 2016. Microsoft replaces it with OneNote App that can be installed through Microsoft Store. According some review Microsoft OneNote app still lag behind with the OneNote 2016. Therefore, Microsoft still provide OneNote 2016 as a free software. Today we will compare the OneNote vs OneNote 2016, so you can keep which one that suite with your need.


OneNote 2016

Free Through Store

Download through Microsoft Download Portal

Updated Regularly

No update

Best for Pen (rich pen experience)

Best for Typing (rich formatting)

Small footprint (55 MB)

Casual footprint (86 MB)

Sharing is limited

Support export to word, and others

Opening only through link

Open through link, OneNote file, and OneNote Package

Best Office 365 integration

Best of Desktop productivity

Can be uninstalled standalone through store

Cannot be uninstalled standalone through control panel



You Need OneNote 2016 if

  1. You are using export feature to Microsoft Word
  2. You are using OneNote package import
  3. You are using OneNote to style your document with icon, to do task, and others

You need OneNote App If

  1. You are using OneNote in your mobile app, it's similar experience
  2. You are using your active pen or your s-pen
  3. You need an updated OneNote

So which one you want to choose? Please insert into a comment

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