Information System Engineering on Pragmatic Way

Every information system has unique way to fulfil the user needs. This article will guide you to five steps that you need to building information system by following pragmatic . Step 1 Planning the Application Types After doing several meetings with you customer, it is a good idea to justify what types of the information system. Running on the web, mobile, desktop, or as a plugin, lets your cust... [More]

5 diagnostic tips to Improve Your Windows 10 Performance

My Notebook crashed 4 times in a day. The screen is freezing and the operating system is not responding. before you throw your notebook into the dark room is a good idea for you to understand the cause and to propose what you need to do to improve your Windows 10 Performance. These five diagnostics things that you need to do. Step 1. Performance diagnostic report Just type 'perfmon /report' on... [More]

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