How to make vILT more fruitful

vILT (virtual instructor-led training) is a way to deliver workshops through virtual methods on online platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Webex. With vILT, maintaining student engagement via these strategies is more complex and, in some cases, impossible. For example, we cannot make eye contact with our virtual students. We cannot rely on visual prompts to help us determine student engagemen... [More]

The easiest way to create NLP Solution with Azure AI Language

When you want to create a solution that uses natural language processing (NLP), you can use a lot of open-source libraries. However, if you take a closer look at the Azure AI, they have NLP features through Azure AI language, and it starts from FREE.   Natural Language Processing (NLP) development with Azure AI involves utilizing Microsoft's suite of tools and services to build, deploy, and... [More]

Organizing Multi Account Azure Environment for Cost Optimization

In this article, we will discuss how to step through a multi-account Azure Environment for Cost Optimization. An organization might need to restructure its multi-accounts. Here is why. Multi-Account means that the account belongs to each of the responsible roles. This is good when Azure's budget is separated between divisions. Multi-Account means we can open as many subscriptions as we need. ... [More]

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