How to make vILT more fruitful

vILT (virtual instructor-led training) is a way to deliver workshops through virtual methods on online platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Webex. With vILT, maintaining student engagement via these strategies is more complex and, in some cases, impossible. For example, we cannot make eye contact with our virtual students. We cannot rely on visual prompts to help us determine student engagement and, therefore, prime us to change our delivery approach. Maintaining engagement in person is much easier than when the student sits at home, in their favorite chair, surrounded by things that could distract them.

This article discusses five tips to make vILT more fruitful.

  • One effective method to boost student engagement is by asking questions. However, it's important to direct these questions to specific students rather than to the group at large. This approach encourages individual participation and ensures that all students are actively involved in the session.
  • Student engagement by doing visual stimulation. Visual simulation can be done by avoiding the same screen for a certain time.
  • Student engagement can be achieved by adding polling or interactive activity.
  • Students engage by putting additional information in chat and letting the student type something in the chat box.
  • Whiteboarding to upgrade and help students refocus.


That's it. Hopefully, you can change your vILT to make it more fruitful.

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