Interoperability and digital transformation

Before, we deep dive into the digital transformation one thing that we might forget is interoperability. Interoperability can be said as a readiness index of any solution that needs to go to the digital transformation initiative. Just imagine you already built a web application to support member to create a financial plan. Then, you think that you need integration such as saving your investment to... [More]

Designing the Bot

As I mentioned, the Bot framework and Cognitive services provide a way to build easier. However, before we deep dive to create a bot. It will be great if we can design the bot through structured analysis and engineering design. This article will help you to decide on significant design activities that needed to build useful conversational bot. Choosing the Bot Types There are several bot types ... [More]

What We Expect from Microsoft Cognitive Services

The traditional information system converts your data into information, the modern information system converts your data into knowledge, and the cognitive information system converts your data into prediction. When you discuss the cognitive services from Microsoft, you will utilize the power of AI to provide predictive analytics, historical analytics, and data analytics. On Local .NET Conf 2018, S... [More]

7 Android Apps that You Need to Revive Windows Phone

Undoubtedly, Windows Phone (or Windows 10 Mobile) is dead. Even some Microsoft Official Apps like Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Planner is no longer supported or developed. On this article, we will make an effort on how to revive the Microsoft on your new Android. This article discusses five apps that you need to install if you want to make your Android just like Windows Phone. Microsoft ... [More]

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