Agile IT Strategy

Requirements of IT Strategy Agile IT strategy converts us from the old metric to the new metric. In the past, IT works as a support from the organization. The organization has problems, the IT department provides the solution by converting from the hardcopy into the digital, manual into the automatic. Although this is sufficient, some scenarios will no longer work. Because IT is still becoming "... [More]

Four Level of User Requirements in Agile

Being Agile doesn't mean you don't need requirements well. Being Agile means as lean as possible and as quick as possible. On this article, we will discuss four terms in Agile that can help you to shape the user requirements. Let's get started. #1 Epic Epic is a big user story. Epic can tell the big picture or user story. For example, As a visitor I can register to the E-Commerce This user st... [More]

Designing Software with Lean UML

UML is just like separated graphics. Although it provides rich visual information, the UML can be overwhelming. Therefore, we need to understand the link between one diagram to the others. On this article, we want to understand the link between one diagram with the others. Let's write five steps to understand the lean UML model. #Step 1 – Creating User Hierarchies On this step, we can create t... [More]

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