Solving Cross Domain issues on WCF

Problem You want to access your services from other domain, especially using ASP.NET AJAX. However, the WCF doesn’t allow you to do so because of security concern. Solution The solution should be adressed by configuring both WCF service and also the client. WCF Service Configuration The idea is the WCF should add the header that permits the request from others domains. In order to do so, ... [More]

Startup Getting Started Guide on Microsoft Technology

Startup is a way where dream is driven. Yes, many company like Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, is a startup in their era. And today, they become the enterprise of technology. Becoming a startup today is a huge agenda with a lot opportunity and challenges. For example, today startup can easily build a software and sell the software to the world by using Windows Store market. However, today startup al... [More]

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