Solving Cross Domain issues on WCF

Problem You want to access your services from other domain, especially using ASP.NET AJAX. However, the WCF doesn’t allow you to do so because of security concern. Solution The solution should be adressed by configuring both WCF service and also the client. WCF Service Configuration The idea is the WCF should add the header that permits the request from others domains. In order to do so, the WCF should be configured by adding several information on web.config and some codes. Add two files CustomHeaderMessageInspector.cs and EnableCrossOriginResourceSharingBehavior.cs. These two files will help the WCF additional information the header Replace the namespace with the name of project on the web,config. Please see the web.config template below. Add the endpointBehaviors with <crossOriginResourceSharingBehavior/>. Client Configuration If you are using AJAX to do Cross Origin Resources Sharing (CORS), you should add the codes before the code is executed. For example $.support.cors = true; $.ajax({             url: "",             type: "GET",             dataType: "json", beforeSend: function (xhr) { xhr.setRequestHeader('Content-Type', 'text/plain'); },             success: function (resultData) {                 ......            }         }); References Please download the cross domain template belows. Thank you for @theo who helpd to prepare the template codes. Some good books also recommended for you

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