Managing Project Log Book on OneNote

A background Having agile portfolio management on Team Foundation Server is fun. But sometime, it burdens several roles to join the party. For example, it is not easy for executives to check the project log book since its need Visual Studio Installed. If they are using a web, they should join a services to get the information. A simple way is to deliver the log book through a Mic... [More]

Preparing Power BI Data Source

On a TechTalk session about Power BI, one participant asked me how to make sure that their data can be consumed on a Power BI. On this article, I will discuss five things that should be considered when preparing the data for Power BI. Let's discuss that five things. #1 Understanding your data source Please note, that not any data source can be consumed into Power BI (at least when this article i... [More]

Field Report: Game and Research

Last week, I attended a International Conference namely ICITEE 2016 (International Conference for Information Technology and Electrical engineering). Just like other international conference, this reputable conference is indexed by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and SCOPUS (SCOPUS is the most famous academic indexed). As researcher and trainer, I submitted two papers. The... [More]

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