Field Report: Game and Research

Last week, I attended a International Conference namely ICITEE 2016 (International Conference for Information Technology and Electrical engineering). Just like other international conference, this reputable conference is indexed by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and SCOPUS (SCOPUS is the most famous academic indexed). As researcher and trainer, I submitted two papers. The first one is about the development report namely Beat Fitness and the second one is a application lifecycle management method namely Video Game Seizure rating.

The audience of this conference majorly a master degree and doctoral degree student. The conference audience is between 150-200 participants. It come from various Asia pacific country such as Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, and many more. The trending topics on the conference are EEG, ECG, and Modern Healthcare. Fortunately, our paper can be classified as a technique to improve human health. .

Beat Fitness

Beat fitness is a research that discuss how to utilize Kinect v2 to improve human health. This application is developed by Visual Studio and Kinect SDK. The idea is how to create dance application that focused to enhance the fitness experience. You can download the app from the Windows Store: Beat Beat Fitness.

Video Game Seizure Rating

This paper discussed the fundamental aspect of gaming health. It discusses how to measure the seizure potential on gaming platform. As a developer of games we know that we have risk to make our player become a victim of video game seizure. Therefore, this paper will discuss how to measure and to identify the development by considering 10 attributes (Internal and external) of a video game. It is part of a fundamental game development, when we understand our user health it means we care them to play our game with the best experience that they will have.


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