Learning Path for .NET MAUI

.NET MAUI is promising! In the past we should develop in the separate environment and user interface model for multiplatform technology. Even in an environment like Xamarin, we see a lot of issues in the implementation. .NET MAUI simple a user interface framework for delivering multiplatform support. It means that you can build a single code base and single UI based on .NET MAUI for your applicati... [More]

Do we really need containers on our apps?

We already have monolithic applications for more than a decade. Client servers with the web server and database server clustering can solve all of the problems that we call scalability, high availability, and resilience. Even when many applications can run in the microservices model, many case studies show that monolithic can answer a lot of problems. Even AWS shows us that they can reduce the cos... [More]

AI Assistance in Visual Studio 2022

This article is going with post for Azure Global Bootcamp 2023 that held in Cilacap Indonesia. On this session, I shared about how to use AI in Visual Studio 2022 and Visual Studio Codes, you can grab and see the decks on this post. If you want to join my live session, you can join at https://bit.ly/globalazure2023 , see you there

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