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.NET MAUI is promising! In the past we should develop in the separate environment and user interface model for multiplatform technology. Even in an environment like Xamarin, we see a lot of issues in the implementation. .NET MAUI simple a user interface framework for delivering multiplatform support. It means that you can build a single code base and single UI based on .NET MAUI for your application. It will be a great choice for organizations who want to build multiplatform choice for one product. You will have two options just like on the Windows Universal platform.

  • Using JavaScript based frameworks with Blazor. This is a great choice for organizations who already have the web solution.
  • Using XAML based model. This is a great choice for organizations who will implement the native UI for all platforms.

This table will give you more information to choose between Blazor or XAML based.




Better UI Performance



Easy to Debug



Community Support



Compatibility and Short Learning Lifecycle for Organization that already use



Custom Components




Learning Path for You

I recommend you visit this learning path.

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