How to avoid BSOD in Your Windows

Blue Screen of Death is infamous in modern Windows. Especially Windows 10 and Windows 11 are the most stable in the world. However, current third-party software like CrowdStrike can cause Windows BSOD because of their software updates that are built-in on Windows. In this article, we will discuss how to avoid such a Glitch in the future. Configure Windows Update Go to Windows Update Click Adv... [More]

.NET Development and AI: Harnessing the Power of C# and Microsoft's AI Platform

.NET Development and AI: Harnessing the Power of C# and Microsoft's AI Platform The intersection of .NET development and artificial intelligence (AI) has become an increasingly significant area of focus for software engineers and researchers alike. With the rise of advanced AI technologies. One of the trends that we have witnessed in recent years is the seamless integration of C# programming lang... [More]

Integrating Microsoft Project with Azure DevOps

When you build software, you may want to use software to manage your software Projects, such as Jira and Azure DevOps. Azure DevOps provides an excellent way to manage your software project by delivering valuable features such as Azure Boards. Azure Boards provides sufficient software methods by delivering work breakdown structure, kanban boards, and the status of each project. However, it is only... [More]

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