Integrating Microsoft Project with Azure DevOps

When you build software, you may want to use software to manage your software Projects, such as Jira and Azure DevOps. Azure DevOps provides an excellent way to manage your software project by delivering valuable features such as Azure Boards. Azure Boards provides sufficient software methods by delivering work breakdown structure, kanban boards, and the status of each project. However, it is only integrated with Azure. A project manager who uses Microsoft Project should estimate and monitor the project using Microsoft Project. The bad news is Azure DevOps integration between Office and Azure DevOps doesn't support Microsoft Project. It only supports Microsoft Excel. Project Desktop doesn't support integration with online services like Azure DevOps. Project Online Web cut the support connection between rows in Project Online. Therefore, the integration between Microsoft Project and Azure DevOps is a nightmare, especially when you can see that Jira can connect with Microsoft Project. This article will discuss some scenarios that you can do to overcome the integration problem between Microsoft Project and Azure DevOps. Option 1: use Azure DevOps entirely. However, you must include the baseline, project budget, and cost estimation. Option 2: use Microsoft Excel and use Azure DevOps integration. Option 3: After importing a project into your Microsoft Project, create a project in the project web app (SharePoint List). You can manage the project together, but there is no Azure DevOps integration.   My recommendation is to use Option 1 and Option 2. Or you can develop your own solution in Power Automate

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