Understanding Lens in Windows Phone 8

In Windows Phone 8, you can create a camera app called a lens. A lens opens from the built-in camera app and launches right into a viewfinder experience to help the user capture the moment. But not all lenses stop at capturing photos. Some lenses, called rich media lenses, provide a unique experience for viewing or editing photography (Microsoft, 2013). So if you want to build Windows Phone with h... [More]

How to Submit an App to Windows Store

In this video I will show you the basic tutorial to submit an application to Windows Store. This tutorial assume that you already have verified Windows Store Account. Windows Store account can be bought start from 50$ or free (for eligible University/School). This 7 minutes video will cover the basic tip. It has Indonesian subtitle on it. Enjoy Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required... [More]

Migrating SQL Server 2012 to SQL Azure

This three minutes video will show you how to migrate your SQL Server 2012 to SQL Azure. After watching this video you should care some detail of the migration such as SQL Azure have no support on View and SQL Assembly so make sure you remove it before migration process SQL Azure migration doesn’t connect your application directly with SQL Azure, Be sure to link the resources on your ... [More]

Statements of Works in Agile

Statements of works (SOW) is a formal document that captures and defines the work activities, deliverables, and timeline a vendor must execute in performance of specified work for a client. SOW is developed as a contract negotiation between client and vendor. Agile manifesto teaches us, that the customer collaboration over the contract negotiation. Therefore, you find a lot of book tell us to crea... [More]

Blank Page when You Print from Your Browser

Problem When you prints anything from your browser the result of the printer is blank. Solution Open Your command prompt in Administrator mode, Creating a /Low directory through command prompt mkdir “%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Temp\Low” Give the integrity level to Low to make sure that IE and others browser can access that folder. In the same command prompt windows typ... [More]

Application Lifecycle Management Certification

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) certification is a certification that shows the competencies of software engineer by creating, planning, and managing a project. Fundamentally, it discuss how to manage a software project using Visual Studio 2012 and Team Foundation server. ALM certification is evolutionary of MCPD Enterprise application. It gives you, a MCSD title. Earning an MCSD: Applica... [More]

Tips to Migrate Your Windows Azure Web

Problem You want to move your Windows Azure solution Web Site from your subscriptions to the others Solution Solution A. Make Sure it has same service administrator If you have a same service administrator email between your source subscription and the target subscription, you just contact the support to move the web for you. For example, my subscription A used my [email protected] and my target subs... [More]

Android & IOS in Visual Studio 2012 World

It’s a holiday I create a short tutorial to install Android and ISO development support using Visual Studio through Xamarin software. Here are the several steps to do that. You need to download several dependencies such as Java SDK version 1.6 or later, Android SDK, GTK# and of course Xamarin. I prefer download separately rather than using Xamarin to do that. Install JDK first Afte... [More]

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