A Must Have Windows Phone Application for Mobile Worker

Having Windows Phone? Many people will choose Android over it, but if you a trully a mobile worker you will like Windows Phone endurance in term of Battery and Stability. In this post, I will share about several Windows Phone software for your mobility workforce. Software for Business and Mobility Office Lens Need a portable scanner, this application will help you scan a document or whiteboard using your phone camera. You can download it here Pocket File Manager You want to bring your document on your SD Card, Caching several file from your Cloud Storage provider, or even upload a file to FTP. Pocket File Manager will help you. Download it today Nokia Cloud Xpress Having a lot of web visit such as news or report. This application will help you to compress your browser communication using patented technology from Nokia. You can download it here Here maps Need to find your client? or need to find the best route for your journey. This offline map application will help you navigate properly. a must have for Nokia users. Download it here. OneNote The best note taking application on Windows Phone, if you love EverNote you will love the OneNote better. You don’t need download it, since it comes by default on Office mobile Connectivity Shortcut If you are a mobile user that always turn off and turn on Bluetooth or Wifi. You can download the Tile Shortcut here. Office Remote Presenting a PowerPoint, Sharing an Excel, or Giving notes on Word. This application will help you remote your Microsoft Office on your Laptop. it is more than a Clicker. Download Here. Nokia Beamer Have a something to share on your Lumia? Nokia Beamer will help you to share your Lumia screen on others devices such as web browser, smart tv, and many more. Download here PDF Reader It is alternative way to read PDF. You can share the document using OneDrive using this App. Uou can download here FlashLight X Flashlight X helps you to convert your flash camera into flashlight. It will become a good tools when you get a blackout on your office or even on your car. Download here Business and Mobile Ready The list will be long enough, feel free to add it on a comment and I will update this post for you.

Cannot Start Windows Phone Emulator After Upgrading to Visual Studio 2013

Problem When you want to debug and deploy your windows phone appplication to your device or emulator. The Visual Studio didn’t show the option to deploy to the device or debug on emulator. When you push to debug your app you will be notified with EXCEPTION RESULT 0x8XXXXXX Cause Different configuration between Visual Studio 2012 that can’t be directly used in Visual Studio 2013 Solution Here are the solution Close your solution and Visual Studio 2013 Navigate to folder C:\Users\{YourUSerName}\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Phone Tools\CoreCon\11.0 Delete The Folder Restart your VIsual Studio 2013 Cheers, @ridife

No Credit Card Solution for Windows Developer Account

This article will cover and make an effort to help student / people who don’t have a credit card and want to create great app on the windows phone and windows store. In the past, student already happy with the Dreamspark voucher code, but the integration between two accounts make the student should have a credit card to validate the account. So here are the tips. Tips 1 Having a bank account that has VCN (Virtual Card Number) So what is VCN?, VCN is just like VCC (Virtual Credit Card) but is different than VCC. If VCC is created by using your credit card / front payment, the VCN is created by using your debit card within selected bank. In Indonesia, There are two major banks that has VCN features which are BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia) and Bank Mandiri. Other bank might be have VCN also features, you can see the VISA logo in Mandiri, and Mastercard logo in BNI that is the clue that support a fundamental characteristics of VCN. Maestro or cirrus based card like BCA card didn’t have this feature for now. VCN will give you a credit card like number including the three digit verification. This will work with Windows Store account (including with Windows Phone) but might not work within Azure. Activate the VCN on BNI Activate the VCN on Mandiri Tips 2 Link your debit card with VCC (Virtual Credit Card) Entropay is a VCC merchant provider, you can register with entropay and create a virtual credit card. You can link your debit card with this VCC. This technique might work for windows store / windows phone, but not work with Windows Azure. Entropay support to link your debit card such as BCA Card and others and the good news you can create as many as VCC that you need for your friend and your developer community Activate VCC using Entropay Tips 3 Asking Your Parent and Relatives to borrow their CC This might be silly, but after all this is the best solution if you have a parent that has a credit card. you can ask them to create a VCC or directly use their account to validate your microsoft store Hope this help several people who need a temporary solution to validate their account, feel free to ask a question on the comments. In the future, education team from microsoft will give you a good solution rather than these three tips, so please take care and be patient. Cheers, Ridi

Nokia Music API a Good Way to Create a Music Based Application

    Today, we will explore and introduce the web services to retrieve many useful information about music called Nokia Music. Nokia music has a good foundation for a developer who wants to create music based application on Windows Phone. Let’s get started Registering your personal API Key at https://account.music.nokia.com/developer  Click add a new app, and fill your app name, description, and click save. Keep your client id and client secret Now, you can start your visual studio and create a project on Windows Phone 8 Using Nuget you can download the latest library, On your visual studio 2012, you can select the Tools menu and click the extension and updates. Select the Online tab and search Nuget Package Manager. You need to restart your visual studio You will find a new menu tools – library package manager - console package manager, and you can visit https://www.nuget.org/packages/NokiaMusic the script to install is Install-Package NokiaMusic You can read the capability of the Nokia Music API here Calling the API seem too simple, you can use the MusicClient class like below. MyAppID contains your client ID. After creating the client object, you can use client object to call many function MusicClient client = new MusicClient(MyAppId); The full capability of the API can be seen on this picture A good example is called Music Explorer you can download the full source code here or the project here Happy coding, @ridife

Making Money on Windows Platform

In this slide, I share about how to create an opportunity as a windows developer thorugh windows store and windows phone marketplace. You can read the 78 pages here. This slide is presented on Technesia Yogyakarta Gathering , 9 September 2013. Cheers,

Teaching ALM through Hands On Lab

Application lifecycle management is an abstract leasson to learn by a developer. Developers learn a lot ALM through an Experience and real world situation. However, if we are on a short course or a tutorial, we can put an ALM style HOL by considering of several items such as: Creating simple hands on lab by focusing the software engineering process Focusing not only the development issues but also non technical issues such as deployment, testing, and adminsitartive tasks Giving a real world sample of HOL but keep the simplicity I’m attaching a HOL for Windows Phone that covers these categories you can download the bahasa tutorial here

Lumia Moving Gears Fix

Problem Today, i forgot to charge my development device. The Lumia is dead because the battery. So i just plug in on wall charger. The red battery logo appears. After 5-10 minutes, the battery logo is gone and is replaced with moving gears. I wait for more than 5 hours with no luck. After loosing my faith. i do several action Soft Reset (Hold down power and volume down button) – NOT WORK Hard Reset (hold down camera volume down, and power after it vibrates release the power button) – NOT WORK Solution After doing several action including waiting for 1.34 GB Download. I did a simple steps which are Do a soft reset (power and volume down), at nokia logo do this key press at sequence volume up, volume down. power, and volume down (don’t hold it)           And you will wait a long nokia logo and Windows Phone Screen at the end. Just wondering why Nokia create a key combination just like Dragon Ball Z attack combo   Cheers, @ridife

Understanding Lens in Windows Phone 8

In Windows Phone 8, you can create a camera app called a lens. A lens opens from the built-in camera app and launches right into a viewfinder experience to help the user capture the moment. But not all lenses stop at capturing photos. Some lenses, called rich media lenses, provide a unique experience for viewing or editing photography (Microsoft, 2013). So if you want to build Windows Phone with heavy capability of image processing the Lens is the answer. However, Lens only works in Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 7.1 or even 7.8 has no capability to apply Lens application. The good scenario for Lens application are: You are creating a photo sharing application like Instagram and #2InstaWithLove You are creating a photo editor application like photos editor You are creating a photo frame application like Angry bird Roast Frankly speaking, Lens provides user seemless integration between your app within the default photo and camera App. For example, if you have photo filters app, you can integrate it. so when user choose camera he has your Lens app in his Windows Phone. This scenario also happens on default Media Library. The good way to implement it in Windows Phone 8 is by reading this document. and you can make sure your application follows the guideliness by reading this document.

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