A Must Have Windows Phone Application for Mobile Worker

Having Windows Phone?

Many people will choose Android over it, but if you a trully a mobile worker you will like Windows Phone endurance in term of Battery and Stability. In this post, I will share about several Windows Phone software for your mobility workforce.

Software for Business and Mobility

Office Lens

Need a portable scanner, this application will help you scan a document or whiteboard using your phone camera. You can download it here

Pocket File Manager

You want to bring your document on your SD Card, Caching several file from your Cloud Storage provider, or even upload a file to FTP. Pocket File Manager will help you. Download it today

Nokia Cloud Xpress

Having a lot of web visit such as news or report. This application will help you to compress your browser communication using patented technology from Nokia. You can download it here

Here maps

Need to find your client? or need to find the best route for your journey. This offline map application will help you navigate properly. a must have for Nokia users. Download it here.


The best note taking application on Windows Phone, if you love EverNote you will love the OneNote better. You don’t need download it, since it comes by default on Office mobile

Connectivity Shortcut

If you are a mobile user that always turn off and turn on Bluetooth or Wifi. You can download the Tile Shortcut here.

Office Remote

Presenting a PowerPoint, Sharing an Excel, or Giving notes on Word. This application will help you remote your Microsoft Office on your Laptop. it is more than a Clicker. Download Here.

Nokia Beamer

Have a something to share on your Lumia? Nokia Beamer will help you to share your Lumia screen on others devices such as web browser, smart tv, and many more. Download here

PDF Reader

It is alternative way to read PDF. You can share the document using OneDrive using this App. Uou can download here

FlashLight X

Flashlight X helps you to convert your flash camera into flashlight. It will become a good tools when you get a blackout on your office or even on your car. Download here

Business and Mobile Ready

The list will be long enough, feel free to add it on a comment and I will update this post for you.

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