DevCon 2021 Indonesia Quick Summary

Accelerating Indonesia digital economy, that is the DevCon 2021 theme for Indonesia. It is held online with total duration about 6 hours. So, what will you get in this DevCon 2021 Indonesia? Announcement about the Indonesian data center for Azure. Microsoft to establish first datacenter region in Indonesia as part of Berdayakan Ekonomi Digital Indonesia initiative - Microsoft Stories Asia Visu... [More]

Getting Started Big Data Analytics in The Cloud

Learning big data is a big topic with a big commitment. You might know the hype of the big data. Big data is useful for today environment when we collected a lot of data for our business. The five V principles of Big data which is volume, velocity, variety, veracity, and value; allow us to understand why the big data is so promising and special. On this article, we will show you some curated mater... [More]

Managing Machine Learning Project in VS Code

When Your Application Need an Intelligence You want to create application that want to utilize the machine learning. In the past, you need to prepare your computing environment and several tools such as TensorFlow and others. Today, you can manage your machine learning project easily with Visual Studio Codes. Basically, Visual Studio Codes will help you to generate script and run the script to t... [More]

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