Azure Data Fundamental

The Fun Fact about the data When we build anything, we use data. Start from structured data, unstructured data, and semi-structured data we store the data to retrieve it as information and knowledge. Despite of the data usage, we know that the data in our life is growing. And when we can't store the data in the local storage the cloud is the answer. The question is how we store and manage the dat... [More]

On-premise Backup, is it still relevant in the cloud era?

Backup in the cloud? In the cloud era, we have technically unlimited storage to store anything. From personal photos in OneDrive, business document in OneDrive for Business, or event collaboration artifact in Team files or SharePoint. Today, we put more in the cloud but put less in our on-premise location. The good story is when your connection is working well and your sync engine (OneDrive clien... [More]

VM, Container, Web App which one do you choose?

In a cloud computing solution, we can host our web application into three models: virtual machine (IAAS), managed server like Web app or EBS (PAAS), or serverless like ECS or Azure Container. So, which one do you choose? The VM If you do not want to spend time to migrate the VM is for you If you need to communicate with the operating system service, the VM is for you If you cannot find the ma... [More]

Five Things that You Need to do When Designing Cloud Computing Solution

Cloud as a cost center When building solution in the cloud. You might be found that the cloud is a cost center. You can compare that the cloud computing cost you more than the traditional hosting. Therefore, you need to take care the 'go' or 'not go' in the cloud situation. You can answer these five questions. Is my current hosting environment having a bottleneck in term capacity and performanc... [More]

Power Apps Canvas Model

If your organization needs an application that help you to manage lot of things of your company and does not have sufficient time to build by using .NET Framework. You can use Power Apps to facilitate the application development by using low codes development concept. Power Apps comes with three development models. Canvas App. Building from scratch by using drag and drop model with control. You c... [More]

Some Tips for Online Certification in Certiport and Pearson Vue

Corona of Corona As a certified trainer for both Microsoft Platform and Amazon Platform, certification is a mandatory activity. The most convenience exam experience is by visiting testing center near you. However, because of Corona we should do certification in our home by using our computer. This article discusses how to prepare your certification in non-technical point of view. We discuss how t... [More]

Building Database Application with Access

Access is one of the oldest database engines out there. Access can help you to achieve this kind of scenario Relational database Single user / Multiuser with few users Desktop environment / Web with small visitor If you have this kind of scenario, you can use Access as a database. This video tutorial will help you to create a simple application with 6 minutes or less Of course, access is ... [More]

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