How to build Developer career on Microsoft Stack

On 27 December 2017, I met some folks from Universitas Teknologi Yogyakarta to discuss about how to shape the career on information technology career especially on Microsoft Technology stacks. The event is attended by 38 students on information system study program. Here are the key points: 7 Developer Mindset that you need to obtain Building your Career with a vision Marketing yourself by cr... [More]

The Most Common Question & Answer (Q&A) on Office 365 Pro Plus

as In 2017, I got a lot of question about Office 365 Pro plus. Here are the 5 most common question on Office 365 Pro Plus. #1 deactivate Office 365 Pro Plus Installation Q: can I deactivate my Office 365 Pro Plus installation? A: Yes, if you are using Office 365 pro plus you can deactivate the license and then install it on another computer by downloading application My Office. But if you a... [More]

The Easiest Way to Migrate OneDrive

I have 50 GB of OneDrive and find that my Space is not sufficient anymore. The simple question is how I move my OneDrive to the other cloud Provider like a Google Drive or OneDrive for Business. There is no reason for me to buy a personal subscription to Office 365 to get 1 TB storage since my office has 5 TB OneDrive for Business and Office 365 Pro Plus. The real question is how to move my OneDri... [More]

7 Tips to cut your Azure Bill

Having Cloud Computing in your pocket is great! You can make sure that your entire system is live, having great performance, and secure. But the happiness is stop there, when you realize that the Azure bill is higher than casual VPS or traditional hosting. This article will discuss 7 tips to cut your Azure bill. Tips 1. Planning is everything Before moving to the cloud, you must know how much ... [More]

Blogging with Microsoft Word

In the day of Windows Glory, there is a software namely Live Writer. Live Writer is a great software to create a blog content. However, the software is not existing anymore. Fortunately, the Microsoft provides good alternative. This software provides sufficient way to do your daily blog. This article will tell you five steps to do blogging with Microsoft Word. This article assumes that you already... [More]

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