Parental Control in Windows 8

do you know parental control in Windows 7? Parental control is mechanism to secure the computer resources for your children. it will limit the access, program, or even a system. You can see several good tutorial about parental control here: Setup parental control in Windows 7 Configuring parental control in Windows 7 (Video) Monitoring your children with Windows Family Safety  an ex... [More]

Visual Studio Update 2 Offline Download

If you already know we have update 2 on the town (I means CTP 4 when I wrote it today). By default you can download it here You can download the offline download by follow this tricks Open command prompt In command prompt call “VS2012.2 CTP” /layout The dialog of Visual Studio will open up Select you download location You are ready to go!, be patient … a huge download !

Connecting to Online TFS Service

Already create a project in your TFS online ( ) ? now it is time to connect your visual studio with the TFS. Here are the steps: Open your Visual Studio 2012 Select connect to the Team Foundation Server         The system will show an identity provider. You can login with your Live ID. Visual Studio 2012 will show the team expl... [More]

Deleting a Cloud TFS Project

In the past, I already talk that we already have a great software engineering framework that embedded with TFS Online. You can read my post at here, This service is available for anyone. If you already play with it and you ready to develop the real one. You can delete an unused TFS projects as follows Find any visual studio command prompt at your start menu. In this session I use Visual Studi... [More]

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