Deleting a Cloud TFS Project


In the past, I already talk that we already have a great software engineering framework that embedded with TFS Online. You can read my post at here,

This service is available for anyone. If you already play with it and you ready to develop the real one. You can delete an unused TFS projects as follows

  • Find any visual studio command prompt at your start menu. In this session I use Visual Studio 2012
  • visit to the IDE folder. it is located by default C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\IDE
  • Run as an Administrator, make sure your internet connection works and your proxy (if any) properly setup in Internet Explorer
  • Now in the command prompt you can add the command like this

TFSDeleteProject /force /collection: ProjectName

Here are some notes

  1. Use /force with caution you can use without /force for smooth transition
  2. Replace the collection with your TFS online URL
  3. Project Name can be separated by the whitespace, when it happens, use a quote for example ‘Some Project’



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