System Operations First

I am wondering why the system can be down, outage, or slow. If we build better codes with DevOps. Nowadays, we can improve cloud operations through a process namely System Operations (SysOps). SysOps provides five main activities namely deploy, monitor, fortify, secure, optimize, and deploy. When doing complex system operations, we should have the baseline. The baseline on the cloud era namely AWS... [More]

Five Tips for Online Certification

Whether you are joining Pearson Vue or Certiport. On this article, we will discuss five tips that you need to do before you are joining online exam through testing provider. This article assumes that you already book the exam schedule and learn the subject for your certification. This article will discuss the non-technical things outside of the certification process and subject. #1 Choosing your... [More]

Seven Tips for Certified Trainer

If you are working as trainer or instructor for technology such as Microsoft Certified Trainer or AWS Instructor or AWS Educator, this article will discuss 7 things that you should do before and after classes. #1 Creating Virtual Classrooms Whether you are teaching with online training or onsite training, you should create virtual classrooms. The virtual classrooms can be deployed as Microsoft ... [More]

Creating Virtual Assistant with Open AI

Microsoft Azure Open AI solution supplies a foundation to create generative AI better than before. On this article, we curated five steps to create virtual assistant with Open AI. Creating neural voice. On this step, we create custom voice for our virtual assistant. You can start the step by following this tutorial Create a project for Custom Neural Voice - Speech service - Azure AI services | M... [More]

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