Five Tips for Online Certification

Whether you are joining Pearson Vue or Certiport. On this article, we will discuss five tips that you need to do before you are joining online exam through testing provider. This article assumes that you already book the exam schedule and learn the subject for your certification. This article will discuss the non-technical things outside of the certification process and subject.

#1 Choosing your exam room.

Your exam room should be:

  • Indoor
  • No external screen or mirror
  • Great WIFI connection
  • Sound-proof or at least quiet enough
  • Simple table and chair (look at the picture)

#2 Preparing Your Hardware

Your hardware should be:

  • Notebook with sufficient battery. The exam will be held for 60-180 minutes. Charge your battery before the exam. If your notebook has a poor battery, try to connect it with the power outlet.
  • Mouse. A wireless mouse is recommended. I am choosing Bluetooth mouse.
  • Web camera. Your notebook should have a web camera installed. If you are using an external web camera. Please make sure that the web camera is pointing on your entire face symmetrical
  • Speaker. No headset allowed; therefore, you should make sure that the speaker is working properly.
  • No extended screen or extended screen allowed. If you have two screen laptop such as my ZenBook Duo Pro. You should turn off the second screen and make sure you disable the screen expert services in services.msc

#3 Preparing Your Software

Your software should be:

  • Updated Windows! one day before the exam please updates your Windows. And I recommend you join the exam with Windows since is the most stable exam experience platform.
  • No Startup services. I recommend you disable any startup services that are not necessary. You can turn off the anti-virus, sync client, and others.
  • Updating your browser. I recommend you update your browser. I recommend you use Microsoft edge or Chrome.
  • Downloading the exam software one day before.
  • No running software before the exam.

#4 Preparing Your ID and Supporting Tools

Before you start you need to

  • Preparing your valid ID such as Passport and driving license
  • Cell phone to check-in process by taking some picture of your exam room.

#5 Others Think

Simple thinks that you need to prepare:

  • I recommend you use t-shirt and short. It makes you more comfortable.
  • You don't need to wear wearable such as watch, necklace, or hat.
  • Come 30 minutes before the exam date to do check in process.



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