Five tips to pass your Microsoft Certified Educator

Microsoft has new brand of certification for educator like teacher, instructor, or lecturer namely Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE). MCE will cover your understanding to teach, to share, and to collaborate your knowledge with your peers or students. The certification will cover three main area which are

  • Digital Literacy
  • Teaching with Technology
  • Your knowledge with collaboration tools like Microsoft Office 365

Having MCE, it will not only boost your performance when you teach on a classroom but also give you fruitful experience connect with other educator in In this article, i will share you five tips to pass your MCE certification.

  • Tips One: Finishing your digital literacy course. Join the digital literacy course to obtain fundamental understanding on any digital aspect on our life. You can join for free here
  • Tips Two: Finishing your Teaching with Technology course. You can get this course for free by joining educator network and visit this page
  • Tips Three: Explore your classroom activity and apply the TWT concept on your classroom. This can be hard, but adopting the TWT practices will help you finish the certification easier.
  • Tips Four: Learning 21st Century Learning design to understand how technology can fit directly with your teaching style. You can grab the free software here 
  • Tips Five: Scheduling your exam, a week before and find a perfect time for your exam. it needs two hour spare time, so please spare about four hour in total to make you get perfect score on the exam

That’s it, happy certification.

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