Seven Missing Tips for Your Microsoft Teams Meeting

Meeting-Meeting and Meeting. Nowadays, we love online meeting so much. And if you are using Microsoft Teams. These 7 tips will give you better productivity and less problem when doing meeting.

Tips 1 – Be Prepared when join a Meeting

Yes, whether you host or join the meeting. Preparation is a must step.

  • Check your camera apply your virtual background first
  • Mute the speaker icon
  • Changes the configuration of your speaker and microphone. Set the best settings! For example, I always use custom setup to separate between mic and speaker.
  • Set noise suppression to high, if you in noisy environment

Tips 2 – Recording Right Away, Rest after Four Hours

When the meeting starts, you can record right away. You should know that each meeting can be recorded up 4 hours. Therefore, if your meeting is more than four hours, please consider taking a break and continue later. For example, you start the meeting in 8 a.m. you can take a break in 12 p.m. The recorded session needs lot of space so you need to download right away and upload into another place such as YouTube.

Tips 3 – Lot's of Attendees, Go to web version

There is known issue that the Teams meeting on a desktop can disconnect the meeting when your meeting has lot of attendees. If you have meeting with 500 participants. Please consider joining with web version at

Tips 4 – Low Bandwidth? Turn off your Video and Others

If you have low bandwidth (< 10 Mbps), we recommend you turn of your videos as well as the others. Reduce the screen resolution to 1080p or 720p when sharing a screen. Consider sharing the windows not the entire screen.

Tips 5 – Two Screen Meeting

If possible, please use two screens. The First screen is for sharing screen and the second screen for you to monitor the teams panel such as:

  • Muting noisy attendee.
  • Read the chat and see the raise hand.
  • Add interaction such as sharing the pool on team channel

Tips 6 – Screen Annotation Make it easy.

You can download the ZoomIt - Windows Sysinternals | Microsoft Docs and try to use Ctrl + 1 to zoom and Ctrl + 2 to draw the line.

Tips 7 – Share Whiteboard

There are two whiteboards for sharing sessions.


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