Five Common Problems in The Microsoft Teams and How to Solve it

Microsoft Teams becomes my favourite when it goes to the online meeting. Just like any other technology, Microsoft Teams have some issues that need to be solved. This post will discuss some problems and how to solve them.

#1 I cannot chat in the teams meeting

If you believe the in the past meeting, you can chat and now it is not working. It is because you are not log in with Office 365 account, but you are login by a guest account

How to solve it:

  • Open your Edge browser and goes to incognito or new private browsing (by using Ctrl + Shift + N) combination.
  • Paste your teams meeting link
  • Allow the browser to open the app OR click Cancel and Join the Web Instead

#2 I Cannot hear anything while on the web

The problem might have happened because you neglect the microphone and sound permission

How to solve it:

  • Visit
  • Click the Security icon
  • Please make sure the camera and microphone are allowed

#3 The latest conversation is not showing

You chat with your peer. The chat is received well, but Teams shows loading and not showing your chat

How to solve it:

  • Close the teams
  • Check the teams is not working in the background
  • Reload the apps

#4 Low memory issue

You open the Teams and got memory issue problem or slow. Sadly, it is true. Microsoft Teams will cost you 256 MB RAM

How to solve it:

  • Check update in The Teams (Option 1)
  • Use the web version (option 2)

#5 You cannot join the meeting

You clicked the meeting link and got signed with the wrong account, or it takes too long to join the meeting.

How to solve it:

  • Log out with the existing account on your desktop/web
  • If you are on the browser, you can use the in private browsing and try to join the meeting
  • Please make sure, and you are joining with the same organization

That is it, have more problem with your Teams, please post in the comment.

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