Teams and Moodle, What Scenario to Expect

If you are in an academic environment, then you are certainly familiar with Moodle. Moodle is the most widely used e-learning platform because it is open source and has many features. Moodle has been widely used in high schools to universities. Microsoft Teams on the one hand is a new application for collaboration and communication. A reincarnation of Skype for Business that applies the success of Skype and Groove. Microsoft Teams compared to Moodle is certainly far behind. Moodle is better known than Microsoft Teams. Unfortunately, Microsoft Teams has features that are like Moodle. Microsoft Teams for Education brings mini E-learning into Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams has features like a virtual classroom in which there are virtual classes for learning. Chat and video conference interactions, to task submissions and quizzes. Everything makes Microsoft Teams a comfortable place to study in virtual classrooms. However, still Moodle has become a place that is already strong in the hearts of e-learning or virtual classroom users. Solid standards, abundant (and sometimes complicated) features, and it's been used a long time.

If you see interactions in Moodle as limited to downloading and uploading tasks, Microsoft Teams is the answer because…

  • Microsoft Teams has social media-based advantages, so it is in line with the style of students in today's digital generation
  • Microsoft Teams shifts the e-learning paradigm as a repository of learning into learning interactions. This encourages student activity online and offline
  • Microsoft Teams encourages natural and instant interaction through webinar support, video conferencing, and of course instant messaging. This encourages students to learn without the need to learn how the system works

Moving to Microsoft Teams by utilizing Moodle Resources

Microsoft's idea is to put Moodle on Teams. So, Moodle users can access learning resources through Teams. All learning media, accounts, even bot assistants for Moodle are provided.

School Scenario with Teams and Moodle

Then how do teachers or educators use Microsoft Teams and Moodle. This is a usage scenario.

  • The teacher starts the e-learning class by preparing teaching material in Moodle
  • The teacher asks students to join the class through Moodle
  • Students can use Moodle and access it but with Microsoft Teams there are many more interesting features.
  • The teacher encourages students every day and every class meeting to access Microsoft Teams
  • With Microsoft Teams, students can ask questions and discuss in near real time. Not to mention the features of collaboration, communication, and integration with Microsoft Office.
  • Teachers can interact with Students, make announcements and can communicate directly like a telephone and WhatsApp
  • There is a bot that notifies activity on Moodle so that students don't actually have to open Moodle because in Microsoft Teams everything is available.
  • Rubric-based assessments, assignments and quizzes are available on Teams and can communicate the results directly to Moodle for further reporting.

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