Cloud Native

Are you really building in top of the cloud?

When we are building in the cloud. Are we really build in the top of the cloud? Or we just lift and shift our solution to the cloud? When we are building the solution to the cloud. We have two options.

  • Using the current technology that build before the cloud but supported with the cloud. For example, you build web solution and you host it into Azure Cloud Services.
  • Using the current technology that empowered and build in the era of the cloud. This solution is called as Cloud Native

What is Cloud Native?

Serverless technology is found when the cloud computing growing. Cloud Native is managed services that part of PaaS. Cloud Native is a package application code and dependencies in containers, deploy as microservices and manage them using DevOps processes and tools. Microsoft for example, they have three options for cloud native:

  • Hybrid Cloud-native Apps.
  • Kubernetes on Azure
  • Serverless container apps

Hybrid Cloud Native Apps

Hybrid cloud native apps is a way to run your apps in anywhere. You can run in Azure, On-Premises, AWS, Google, or any platform that you want. Microsoft provide a service namely Azure Application services. Azure Application Services work through Azure Arc. Azure Arc will run on any cloud platform. It runs on any Kubernetes cluster, and it works in Cloud App, Azure Function, Event Grid, Logic Apps, and API.

Kubernetes on Azure

Discussing the serverless solution is never enough without Kubernetes. Kubernetes is a portable, extensible, open-source platform for managing containerized workloads and services, that facilitates both declarative configuration and automation. The power of Kubernetes now runs in Azure through a service namely Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS). Azure takes care critical tasks, like health checking and maintenance. Since Kubernetes masters are managed by Azure, you only manage and maintain the agent nodes. Thus, AKS is free; you only pay for the agent nodes within your clusters, not for the masters. Any application that you can host in container will be available in AKS

Serverless Container Apps

This is my favorite solution. With container apps, you can run microservices and containerized applications on a serverless platform. You can run

  • Deploying API endpoints
  • Hosting background processing applications
  • Handling event-driven processing
  • Running microservices

Azure Container Apps aggregate any serverless solution that Microsoft has such as Azure Function or API management. It is orchestrating to provide you ready to go solution to any cloud out there.


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