Understanding Cloud Computing as Enabler

Cloud is anywhere, from the consumer to the enterprise. Many of them already adopt the cloud. Cloud computing is not only a technology but culture that you might need to understand. We start to see the benefit cloud for personal such as storing files with better flexibility in access and space. Organization sees a cloud as enabler to expand their business without invest on capital expense. You can see a cloud in various point of view, but every point of view will give you similar answer. Cloud as enabler to do more.

Cloud in Before – After Scenario

We will see several examples that you already did before and after the cloud exist.

  • Before the cloud, you should put the files into your hard drive. You should never forget the hard drive, and make sure the hard drive is work as expected, you will have limited space based on you hard drive size, when you need more space you need to migrate into larger hard drive.
    • You can put your files in the cloud, you can access it anywhere. Cloud already has virus protection and disaster recovery. When you need more storage, you can subscribe more storage without migrating your content.
  • Before the cloud, organization should buy a server. Server should be bought in up-front cost. Organization should configure the network, the operating system, and the application.
    • You can rent a server through IaaS (infrastructure as a services), organization only pay what you need. If the organization doesn't need the server, they can deallocate the resources without the need of initial investment.
  • Before the cloud, academia should buy a machine learning server that costly. They should invest to collect the data, to train the data, create a model, and deploy a model.
    • Academia can consume ready to use intelligence service such as cognitive service API or DSVM (data science virtual machine)

Is Cloud too Expensive.

You can see the table to understand is the cloud more expensive than having on-premises resources. As you can see, the cloud is performed better when you use huge resources and give you additional services when you use small amount resources.



On-Premises Investment

Cloud Investment

Put the files in the cloud

You bought one 1 TB hard drive vs 1 TB OneDrive personal includes


  • No backup
  • No Software
  • No Sync

69$ / year

  • Backup
  • Office Software
  • Sync

Organization Bought A Server

You compare the server with the IaaS solution from Azur


  • 8 GB Ram, 500 HDD, 450 watts
  • w/o electricity
  • w/o security
  • w/o network
  • w/o OS

108$ / month

  • All in

Academia bought ML Machine Server

You compare buy NVIDIA DGX server with Azure DSVM


  • NVIDIA Grid 2
  • w/o electricity
  • w/o security
  • w/o network

1.3$ / hour

- all in


How to learn cloud?

You can get a lot of resources from the cloud provide. Here is my favorite list.

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