Becoming Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineer has two parts. The first part is competency as Cloud Solution Architect. The Second part is competency as Cloud DevOps Engineer. On this post, we will discuss the first part of cloud solution architect. This article will guide you how to learn and to become Cloud Solution Architect. Whether you go with Azure or go with others cloud provider. You might not get wrong, if the cloud platform provides you underlaying architecture and services for your requirements.

What I need to learn

You need to learn these topics:

  • Introducing Cloud Computing. You need to know the basic concept of the cloud. You need to understand the jargon in the cloud. Most importantly you understand when to use cloud computing.
  • Infrastructure as a service. You will need to understand how to use virtual machine, networking, and its security.
  • Cloud storage. You will need to learn the storage technology in the cloud
  • Cloud networking and connection. You will need to learn how to connect between cloud resources and on-premises.
  • Database services. You will learn database options in the cloud.
  • Identity and access management in the cloud. You will learn the user management and resources access in the cloud.
  • Monitoring in the cloud. You will learn specific services to check, trace, and manage cloud configurations.
  • Internet and the cloud. You will learn how to route the content through internet such as DNS, routing, and content delivery
  • Cloud native. You will learn what modern architecture that make the cloud efficient such as decoupling, microservices, and serverless.
  • Cloud reliability. You will learn to create architecture that fulfill the reliability requirements.
  • Cloud Performance. You will learn how to create architecture that fulfill performance requirements
  • Cloud security. How to secure the cloud
  • Cloud cost management. How to create cost-effective cloud solutions
  • Cloud operations. You will learn how to automatically manage the cloud resources and system

How do I learn

You can start your learning journey by joining free learning resources such as Microsoft learn and AWS Skill Builder

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