The Bugs Sprint

Once in your development time, you will face a term namely "Bugs Sprint". Bugs sprint is a term when the entire sprint is running for solving the bugs. The bug's sprint is a nightmare because:

  • It's contra productive, your team will fix the bugs rather than build a feature.
  • It's draining, your team will face to fix the bugs and may be created another bug (we name it as regression)
  • It's costly, the customer won't pay you to fix the bugs. Your organization covers your man-hours to cut the bugs.

Based on that, we know how the bugs not only killing your team productivity, crushing your organization budget, and of course make your customer trust lower than before. This article discusses the ways in which to fix and avoid the bugs sprint situation.

Bugs Sprint Prevention

Bugs are not avoided, so you should face it rather than blaming each other. There are three major reasons why the bugs sprint happens.

  • The ambiguity requirements. This can be done by doing the several workshops with the customer to make sure the requirements are correct. Sometime, the changes can be avoided. Therefore, the bugs might be risen when some requirements change, and your codes is not solid.
  • The only way to prevent the bugs is creating solid codes. The solid codes mean:
    • Your UI are clean and simple.
    • Your codes are decoupled
    • You follow the latest architecture of your technology

For example, if you build web applications you can do as follows:

  • Choosing your modern platform stack
    • If the application is monolith, choose – Cloud Services / Cloud App / Elastic Beanstalk
    • If the application is microservices, choose – azure function / AWS lambda / messaging options
  • I recommend you use
    • Microservices for complex and many users
    • Monolith for internal company or application

Bugs sprint cure

This is some way to cure the bugs here are the way

Reading Recommendation

I recommend you read some of these books to improve your knowledge:

So you have any ideas to make less bugs and more productive, let me know in the comment section

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