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In the early 2000, there is a term namely web service. Web service in .NET can be developed in various ways. Starting from Web Services through web services (ASMX), The complete messaging transport through WCF (Windows Communication Foundation), and modern REST approach by using WEB API. Lately, Microsoft provides you a new way to use WCF in simple way. The name is CoreWCF


CoreWCF is a port from WCF that support multiplatform scenario just like WCF. Just like WCF it support SOAP, .NET TCP (a.k.a Remoting) and WSDL. CoreWCF works in .NET Core, .NET Framework, and .NET 5. CoreWCF is an open source that supported by Microsoft, AWS, and others. You can read the release notes here. CoreWCF 1.0 has been Released, WCF for .NET Core and .NET 5+ - .NET Blog (


CoreWCF is used for people who use WCF and want to port to .NET Core. The good news is the CoreWCF is similar with WCF. The steps are:

  • Install the template by using


dotnet new --install CoreWCF.Templates

* Visual Studio 2022 Developer Command Prompt v17.1.6 
* Copyright (c) 2022 microsoft Corporation 
: \Program Files\Microsoft Visual new - -install CoreWCF. Templates 
elcome to .NET 6.0! 
DK version: 6.ø.2Ø2 
he .NET tools collect usage data in order to help us improve your experience. It is collected by microsoft and shared 
th the community. You can opt •out of telemetry by setting the environment variable to '1' 
•true' using your favorite shell. 
ead more about .NET CLI Tools telemetry: 
nstalled an ASP. NET Core HTTPS development certificate. 
o trust the certificate run 'dotnet dev-certs https - -trust' 
earn about HTTPS: https 
(Windows and macOS only).






  • Update your Visual Studio 
Visual Studio Enterprise 2022 
Updated Visual Studio Installer 
Downloading and verifying: 95 MB of 3,51 GB 
Installing: package 7 of 1284 
Uninstalling Microsoft.WindowsDesktopSharedFramework.5.O.5.016.x64 
Release notes 
( 2 MB/sec )

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