7 services that become the most used service on Azure Service

As a developer, you might want to create something with Azure Cloud Service. You figure it out, there are so many services available on Azure platform. Which one that you need is a good question. This article will discuss 7 things that you need to learn on Azure Cloud Services

#1 Web Apps Template

The first thing that you need to know is supported web template on Azure. Joomla, Umbraco, WordPress are just few web apps template on Azure. There are more than 50 templates that help you to accelerate your business need. My point is choosing one that you need based on your requirements.

#2 Web Apps

The most used services on Cloud Service is web apps. The great news for you is a web app on Azure will support any language programming that you are choosing such as PHP, ASP.NET, or even Java. You need learn how to deploy the web app, how to improve its performance, and how to improve its scalability. Web App scenario is good for hosting any website such as blogs, e-commerce, and others

#3 Function Apps

If you want to create long running application, you are on the right place to choose the Logic Apps. Logic Apps is an application type that support long run service on server-less environment. Is just like Windows services (Background services) without a Windows (yes that why I said Server-less). It runs on Azure Fabric so it scalable automatically. Logic apps is good when you want to build an app that related with long-running services such as generated weekly report, aggregating several databases into a warehouse, or sending weekly newsletter based on a web app.

#4 API Apps

If you want to create middleware, connected services, or web services, API app is for you. It builds with a lot features to support API (Application Programming Interface) management such as API keys, authentication, message formatting and many more.

#5 Mobile Apps

If you already have a mobile app and you want to provide backend service, you can use the mobile service as your backend. Mobile service will fully compatible with any mobile client (Android, iOS, Windows). It supports advance scenario such as offline sync, push notification, and multiple configuration.

#6 Logic Apps

If you want to integrate a Facebook service, to Dropbox, and then to twitter, the logic apps are your answer. You can build orchestra with your Azure. It is similar with Flow on Office 365 with more tweaks and feature. This logic app can be consumed directly by the client, ran directly as a background service, or ran through a trigger.

#7 Web Job

You have a web app that used to do long running job such as generating automatic scheduled, aggregating a lot of data into a single report, or uploading several files into storage. Web job is just like function app. The difference between of them is web job embedded on web app while the function app can run directly without web app. If you want to run a long running process on the web this product is for you.

So, these are the 7 services that the most used in azure cloud services which one is your favourite? Please put in the comment section.


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