How to deploy your Azure DevOps repository to Different Azure Subscription


By default, Azure DevOps provides you an easy way to deploy your codes repository to the same account with your Azure Subscription. For example, when you have [email protected], it will have access to Azure subscription that related with [email protected]. The problem is raising when you need to deploy your Azure DevOps repository to the different account or subscription that not related with your tenant. For example, you want to deploy your solution to active directory but you only have access to This article will give you an insight into the possibility of the solution.


#1 Adding your account in their active directory.

You request the administrator of to add you as a guest in their azure directory. You request them to give you an access as owner of a resource group or as contributor in a cloud service. In a startup or small business this is possible, but in medium and large enterprise this solution might be not acceptable. You can see the tutorial here Tutorial: Grant a user access to Azure resources using the Azure portal - Azure RBAC | Microsoft Docs

#3 Creating service principle to connect between the Azure DevOps to their Azure.

Azure DevOps has a feature namely services connection. It can connect the subscription into the Azure DevOps. You can see the video here.

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